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Sod Installation in St. Louis, MO

Sod installation can be tricky if not done by someone with experience and know-how. Before beginning, we will always make sure your soil is properly tested to ensure the sod will be able to thrive. We begin our process by making sure the soil's PH is not too acidic and is rich enough in nutrients.  If not, we will put down a 2" layer of rich topsoil before installation. If the soil is already good, we will loosen the top couple inches with a tiller so the roots of the sod can easily grow into the new ground.  Once the soil is prepped, it is time to lay down some beautiful, green grass.  We install the sod, making sure it is properly cut to cover every inch, not leaving any gaps.  If installation is on a slope, we use stakes to secure the sod from moving due to any potential heavy rain.  No matter what we always make sure your sod is set up for a succesful growing season!
"Tim is a very sincere business owner who seeks to find out what your needs, budget and goals are, and then determines to go above and beyond your expectations. He is conscientious, HONEST, knows what he is doing, and then does it well! Our yard truly hadn't looked as good for several years as it did after Tim had been there! ...he will not leave a job half-completed, and he will not leave a big mess for you.. Tim is one person I have no worries over and can trust completely!"

Pauley L

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After Sod Installation

Your freshly laid sod will need to be watered within one hour of installation.  In the initial day following installation it is important to keep the soil under the sod moist and never let it dry out.  To do this, daily watering is needed so no areas dry and die out.  After the new sod is installed we recommend that our clients allowing very little traffic or activity to occur to allow the sod to take, though it can be lightly walked on. Do not fertilize the newly sodded lawn until the next season and the root system has had time to become established.  If done prior, it could result in burning the grass and causing dead spots.
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After Sod Planting
Before Sod Planting

Should you get sod?

  • Sod is the quickest way to a new lawn.
  • Sod is a fast and easy way to make repairs to a damaged lawn.
  • Your lawn will be cleaner, with less mud and weeds. Sod comes weed and disease free.
  • It can really help create a new lawn fast, instead of trying to get seed to grow -can be especially challenging since St. Louis sees many different weather patterns.
The drawbacks of sod
  • Sod usually doesn't last quite as long as seeding a lawn.
  • Sod is more than twice the cost of reseeding a lawn.
  • Sod does not grow well in shaded areas since it is usually grown in sunny open fields.
  • With sod you will see instant results, however the course of a few years you may see spots needing repair.
  • To keep sod healthy it needs to be aerated, fertilized, and over seeded annually.
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