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We provide the precise, customized services needed for each individual lawn, using only top quality seed and top dressing. While it may take 6-8 weeks of carefully watering the newly planted seed, by combining both these elements we can help restore an entire lawn at a much lower cost than it would be to add sod.

Here at Lawn and Beyond we take great pride in the work we perform and always strive to achieve the desired results our clients are looking for in their landscaping. All lawn renovation services are done by trained professionals with the care and knowledge to do what is best for your lawn.  We provide the necessary skills and attention needed to have your lawn looking its best.

Below you will find a list of services we provide and their description, all of which will help you to attain a healthy, beautiful lawn and landscaping. We hope you will choose Lawn and Beyond for all your lawn care service needs!

Our Lawn Renovation Services


This is important to break up and loosen the soil to allow water to reach into the soil and roots. The aerator pulls out small cores across the lawn to do this.


This will help your lawn breath and receive water easier by removing the thatch build up over time that creates a barrier on the soil surface. The machine has several tines that move back and forth into the lawn to pull up the thatch build up so.


To thicken your lawn and help fill in bare spots this is usually done at the same time aeration or detaching is so the seed can get caught in the soil and have a better chance of germination.

Top Dressing

This is a very thin layer that is a mixture of soil, ground up mulch, and sand.  It is very rich in nutrients and helps grow new seed if doing a renovation or help revive bad soil organically to bring an existing turf.

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"Tim and his team did an amazing job!! I’ve used several lawn care companies in the St. Louis city area. I didn’t receive near the level of quality from them as I did from Law and Beyond. Tim came out and spoke with me on the issues I was having and took the time to look over my yard before he provided his services. I feel that this is an amazing touch that sets them apart from everyone else! If you are looking for a new lawn care company this is the one to call! I can’t say enough good things!.."

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