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How much does it cost to get my lawn mowed?
At Lawn and Beyond, we want to keep our pricing simple for you. We use
standardized pricing for lawn mowing based on your property size, shape
and the size of gate if you have one. Our prices are based per mowing service
on a weekly and bi-weekly schedule.
If you don’t know the size of your property, that is ok. Call our office and we
can use our satellite imaging software to get your precise measurements
Do I have to sign a contract for lawn mowing service?
There are no contracts to sign.
How do I pay for my lawn service?
We have automatic bill pay set up for all our mowing clients.  To do this, we put a card on file and charge it on the last day of the month.  During the summer with everyone on vacation and having a busy schedule, we found it easier for our clients so they don’t have to worry about mailing a check or leaving a payment for us to find.
Will I know when you are coming out?
Yes, we have a set schedule we follow, either weekly or bi-weekly. Our crew will arrive within 2 hours of that time each cut.  We can also send a txt message reminder if you’d like.
What if my lawn hasn’t been cut in a while and is overgrown?
The first time we come to mow and the lawn is overgrown, it can take much
longer to mow. Sometimes up to 3-4 times longer. This initial mowing may
cost more. Afterwards the amount will be the same as our standard price.
I have a small yard, why does it cost $30?
Our minimum cost for mowing is $30 per week. Even if the area is 1,000
square feet, we still charge $30 for our service. Our equipment, trucks,
trailers, fuel, insurance, and other expenses make it important for us to have
our minimum fee. We also want to serve you our best. To do so, we
understand the importance to hire outstanding staff and compensate them
Can I get landscaping that has easy maintenance?
All plants should be cared for at least annually for pruning and fertilizing. If
new plants are installed, they must be watered adequate for the first 4-6
weeks to keep soil moist. We can plant perennial shrubs and plants that have
minimal maintenance, and will bring life to your home, flowerbeds, and
How can I tell if I have warm or cool weather grass?
Zoysia is the most common warm weather grass in the Missouri area, while
tall fescue is the more popular cool weather grass. There are a few ways to
tell them apart. During the winter Zoysia goes dormant and turns to brown
carpet, where fescue will keep its green color. The other way is to dig up a
small piece and look at the root system. The Zoysia will have runners that
run underneath the soil, and fescue will root itself straight down.
I have bare spots, fungus, and weeds everywhere in my lawn. Is this
possible to fix?
When we come across lawns that have many of these issues, we have a
couple solutions. First a qualified technician will come to your property totake a look at the soil and the current issues. We will then always give you a
couple options on what we can do to help. We offer Lawn Renovation which
helps restore a lawn fast and effectively. Then other options include our 4
lawn treatment packages.
How do I determine the amount of mulch or decorative stone I need to
dress up my property?
One cubic yard of product will cover roughly 100 square feet at a depth of 2-
3 inches. This can be estimated to be the size of an average size parking
Why is it so expensive?
It is understandable all businesses and homeowners must work within a
budget. Sometimes it can seem puzzling how a simple landscape job costs a
couple thousand dollars, when they could just do it on there own.
Yes, we will be more expensive than the competitors that are uninsured,
unlicensed, not paying sales tax, and paying their employees cash. These
traits usually bring unreliable, nonprofessional, and untrustworthy laborers.
We want to be able to serve you for years to come and guarantee our clients
protection. With the added costs of our general liability, workman’s comp,
and payroll taxes help make that happen.

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