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We can help you get the lawn you've been trying to grow for years. Rather than pitch unnatural treatment on your lawn, we highly recommend an organic approach. We all know how bad chemicals are for people, causing cancer and other problems. This is also true in our lawn. It's bad for us people but also unnatural for our grass. With the grass living in the soil, it's important to change the nutrients in the soil on a regular basis.

However, putting these chemicals down over time removes all living microbe activity and creates dead soil. So, if you are to ever stop using the chemicals, your lawn would be destroyed in a years time which will have you return to these chemicals year after year. What our new organic program does is help change the microbiology of the lawn and brings your soil back to life.  

When the soil starts to come back, the grass will grow deeper roots causing it to become greener and drought tolerant.  It will allow the competing weeds to naturally die out over time and your lawn will thrive.  As with any fertilizer program, if you already have a lot of weeds, the process is longer and it will take time for the lawn to look like the picture shown.  With organics, unlike chemicals, you won't need as many treatments down the road as your soil will be creating it's own microbes once it comes back to life.

Our Fertilizing Packages
Best for Established Lawns
Free Service Calls
Free Spot Treatments
2 Crab Grass Treatments
4 Organic Fertilizing Treatments
Organic Compost Tea Treatment
Fertilize and Take Care of your grass
Everything in Basic Package
2 Extra Fertilizing Treatments
1 Extra Compost Tea Treatment
Organic Grub Control
Soil Amendment
Everything NEeded for A worry-free lawn
Everything in Plus Package
Fall Aeration and Overseeding
Lime Treatment
Organic Mosquito Control
Enjoy your backyard all summer long
Free Service Calls
Includes up to 7 treatments
Safe for pets Children and The Environment
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"Tim and his team did an amazing job!! I’ve used several lawn care companies in the St. Louis city area. I didn’t receive near the level of quality from them as I did from Law and Beyond. Tim came out and spoke with me on the issues I was having and took the time to look over my yard before he provided his services. I feel that this is an amazing touch that sets them apart from everyone else! If you are looking for a new lawn care company this is the one to call! I can’t say enough good things!.."

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Lawn Inspection

For most cool weather grasses in St. Louis, our fertilizing program will work excellent, however do understand one size does not fit all.  That is why Lawn and Beyond will first inspect each lawn to make sure our fertilizer will work for your needs.  

During our inspection, if we see anything else that needs attention, such as grubs or low pH in the soil, we want you to know we do have extra applications that we can apply in addition to our fertilizing program, such as Grub Control and Lime Treatment. We want you to have the best looking lawn possible all while meeting the exact needs of your property.