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What is Aeration?

Aeration is the process of making an opening through the top soil in a lawn.  This is usually done by removing small cores that are 2'-3" in size.  Aeration is usually recommended for lawn renovations or in the spring or fall to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant. Aeration helps break and loosen the top layer of soil to help get more oxygen, water, and nutrients to the root of the grass. It also prevents thatch build up and breaks it loose. Aeration is also helpful when over-seeding as the seed will be able to fall into the holes from the removed cores and the grass will germinate much better. Getting your lawn aerated will help the grass grow deeper roots and look more vibrant when done along with proper fertilizing and watering.
"Tim and his team did a great job reviving problem spots on our front lawn. He was easy to work with and always quick to communicate with us. We would use Lawn and Beyond again in a heartbeat"

Kathleen Dean

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The Process

Once we've scheduled an appointment to aerate, we recommend that you water the lawn well so the soil is not dry or hard. Watering twice a day for 20 minutes for 5 days is usually what we recommend.   This will allow us to remove up to 3" plugs from your lawn which is ideal.  If you have an underground fence let us know, but it shouldn't be a problem as we don't aerate the depth of the cable, which is usually 6". If you have a sprinkler system, we ask that you have the sprinkler heads flagged before our arrival.
Once we arrive, we will the aerating processs using our specialized machinery, starting around the outside first then working our way towards the middle of the lawn.  When we are finished, you will see the cores laying across the top of the lawn, don't be alarmed, this is perfectly normal.  We leave the cores on the lawn so that they can break down during the next week or two.  Once we've finished aerating, we will do our best to blow away any debris which may have fallen on any walkways.  Since the soil is moist, there may be a few spots left behind, but these should wash away quickly that will wash away. At Lawn and Beyond we always do our best to leave everything better than when we arrived and we always clean up after ourselves
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