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Lawn and Beyond will ensure your landscape is properly mulched before we even start.  Our mulching process begins with us measuring how many cubic yards of mulch are needed to properly cover the area.

If requested by our client, we can then install a natural cut edge in your landscape to separate your turf from your landscape.  Removal of any weeds and debris is essential in the next step and we install a weed preventer to stop future weeds from invading.  

Finally we install the mulch and make sure all areas are covered evenly.  If mulch has already been installed in the past on these areas, we lay down approx. 2"-3" high of fresh mulch or if the area is a brand new install we will lay down approx. 4".

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Vicki Moonshine
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"I used Lawn and Beyond services last summer for my landscaping needs and was more than satisfied with the results! The work was done exactly to my specifications at a very reasonable rate and was completed when promised. I switched to Lawn and Beyond for my lawn mowing services this year as well!I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for any lawn services...they do much more!"

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Diy Mulch?

We recommend mulching every spring season to get the best out of your garden and landscape, however mulching can be very labor intensive and can also get expensive if you are purchasing it by the bag.  Lawn and Beyond gives you a great price as we purchase it in bulk from some of the best distributers in the St Louis area! We use an organic, fine course mulch that breaks down evenly into your landscape giving nutrients and retaining water to the roots of your plants. Even during some of the most extreme weather conditions we may experience in St Louis, a good mulching will help protect your garden and plants and keep them thriving while also providing natural nutrients as the mulch breaks down.

after mulching
before mulching
Why Mulch?

St. Louis can experience some weather extremes, so its important to understand the many benefits to mulching your landscape.

  • Mulch insulates your plants and protects them from extreme heat and cold temperatures.
  • Mulch acts like a weed barrier and helps protect the soil from weeds that may try to invade throughout your garden and landscaping
  • Mulch will help retain moisture in the soil and reduce the amount of water you use and the frequency in which you need to water your plants.  This is very helpful in the summer.
  • Mulch gives a polished, clean look to your landscaping that lasts all season, while requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Mulch will eventually breakdown and deposit needed nutrients back into the soil.
  • Mulch will prevent soil erosion.  When it rains, the soil won't wash away.