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What is De-Thatching?
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De-thatching is a process to remove the build-up of dead grass that lays embedded on the surface of your soil. This process can be done by raking a lawn with a detaching rake, or is usually done by a machine with several small tines that move back and forth, pulling up the dead grass.  De-thatching is best done for lawn renovations or in the spring and fall to keep a healthy lawn.

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"I used Lawn and Beyond services last summer for my landscaping needs and was more than satisfied with the results! The work was done exactly to my specifications at a very reasonable rate and was completed when promised. I switched to Lawn and Beyond for my lawn mowing services this year as well!I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for any lawn services...they do much more!"

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The Lawn De-Thatching Process

When a client schedules an appointment to dethatch, we bring our dethatching machine as well as a mower with a bagger. We go over the entire property with our dethatcher, pulling up all the dead grass. Then we use our mower and mow over the lawn several times to bag up the thatch that was pulled up from the top soil. If there is a significant amount of thatch that was pulled out, we will then rake it into piles and put it in cans to haul away.

Dethatching is highly recommended to keep your turf looking green and healthy, this is especially true if you have a thick build up of it. Some ways to prevent the build up would be to mow your lawn every week. By allowing it to get too high and then cutting it, the grass won't have enough time to naturally break down and decompose back into the soil.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this process.  Give us a call or fill out this form and we will contact you to schedule a time for a free consultaion either in person or over the phone to see if thatching is something that could help your lawn become more vibrant.

lawn dethatching
before dethatching
Should your lawn be aerated?

Dethatching helps break and loosen the top layer of soil to get more oxygen, water, and nutrients to the root of the grass

Dethatching is helpful when over-seeding as the seed will be able to fall into the slices made when pulling up the thatch and the grass will have a better chance to germinate.

Dethatching will help the grass grow deeper roots and stay healthy, along with proper fertilizing and watering.