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Caring for your Lawn

Who doesn't want to add some curb appeal their home? Well, we can help you achieve that clean, lush asthetic you're looking for with our regular lawn maintenance. Lawn and Beyond LLC is here to provide you with a high quality and reliable scheduled service to keep your property looking its absolute best.

By choosing Lawn and Beyond, we will provide you with a full service experience to help your lawn achieve its full potential.  We offer a variety of lawn services to allow you to attain and maintain a healthy green lawn all season long that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Before performing any services we will first provide a free consultation and estimate to find the best solution to get your yard looking the way you want. Fill out our form and contact us today!

Our Lawn Maintenance Services

  • Lawn Mowing
    Our friendly and highly trained crew can provide weekly and bi-weekly scheduled lawn mowing.
  • Aeration
    Our aeration service is important to break up and loosen the soil to allow water to reach into the soil and roots. The aerator pulls out small cores across the lawn to do this.
  • Spring & Fall Clean Ups
    It is important to clean your lawn of any leaves and debris throughout the year so your grass can grow properly and not be damaged. If leaves are left it can create an unhealthy lawn and even bare spots.
  • Fertilizing & Weed Control
    We provide premium quality lawn fertilizer products to give your lawn the nutrients it need to grow healthy and vibrant throughout the season.  We know one size does not fit all, that is why we treat every lawn according to its individual needs.
  • De-thatch/Power Raking
    We offer de-thatching to help your lawn breath and receive water more easily by removing any thatch that may have built up over time. If this is not done it can create a barrier on the soil surface, not allowing the water to penetrate.  Our equipment has several tines that move back and forth into the lawn to pull up the thatch build up.
  • Sod Installation
    If you're wanting to repair an area of your lawn, remove unwanted landscaping, or want an entirely new lawn, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done.
"Tim and his team did an amazing job!! I’ve used several lawn care companies in the St. Louis city area. I didn’t receive near the level of quality from them as I did from Law and Beyond. Tim came out and spoke with me on the issues I was having and took the time to look over my yard before he provided his services. I feel that this is an amazing touch that sets them apart from everyone else! If you are looking for a new lawn care company this is the one to call! I can’t say enough good things!.."

Rebecca Eisele

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