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Fertilizing and Weed Control

Lawn and Beyond is St. Louis' #1 choice for granular fertilizing services, providing a premium quality product at the correct time of season to give your lawn the nutrients it needs when it needs it.

Each step in the fertilization process is key in being able to preserve and maintained your lawn long term.  If not properly fertilized, every year grass that dies to its root will not come back, so over time a yard will slowly become thinned out and will need new seeds planted. The new seed uses a lot of the nutrients in the soil that can take away from the already established grass, so the correct amount of water, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, oxygen and other nutrients need to be put back into the soil with the fertilizer to keep the roots strong and healthy throughout the season.

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Our Fertilizing Package Service Involves:

​Early Spring  (March 15th thru April 15th) -  Application of crab grass and weed pre-emergent with lawn food.
This helps prevent the fast growth of crab grass and other weeds in the spring as it is highly invasive and can spread easily and take over a lawn.

Late Spring (May 15th thru June 15th) - Application of lawn fertilizer and weed killer
This fertilizer helps give the nutrients the lawn needs to really get the grass looking green and lush at the start of the growing year, as well as prevent the spread of dandelions and other broad leaf weeds.

Mid Summer (July 15th thru Aug 15th) -  Appliaction of a lawn fertilizer with a high iron content.
We apply this to help give your lawn the nutrients it needs during the summer so it continues to stay green and thrive through the heat and into autumn.

Mid Fall (Sept 15th thru Oct 15th) - Application of a fall lawn fertilizer with a winter guard.
This application helps the grass continue to grow deep roots for the winter to ensure the grass will come back in the spring healthy and strong.

Fall (Oct 15th thru Nov 15th) - Aeration & Seeding
This is done to help bring more oxygen to the grass roots, break the top layer of soil so water can reach roots better and help allow seed germination and growth at a much higher rate to obtain a thicker and healthier lawn.

* Fertilizing packages must be paid in full prior to our first application.  For best results, it is highly recommended to water the grass the morning of each application.  We will send out text message reminders 1 day prior to service date.

"Tim and his team did an amazing job!! I’ve used several lawn care companies in the St. Louis city area. I didn’t receive near the level of quality from them as I did from Law and Beyond. Tim came out and spoke with me on the issues I was having and took the time to look over my yard before he provided his services. I feel that this is an amazing touch that sets them apart from everyone else! If you are looking for a new lawn care company this is the one to call! I can’t say enough good things!.."

Rebecca Eisele

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